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Author Topic: Nomerknight - Blood Dk  (Read 657 times)


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Nomerknight - Blood Dk
« on: July 21, 2015, 06:13:00 PM »

Character Name: Nomerknight
Class:Death knight
Main Spec: Blood dk
Off Spec: Frost
WarCraft Logs: none

Why do you want to join Rage?: Looking for a serious progression guild, Rage clearly can make progress and has a colorful history!

Do you know any current or former members?: No

Your stance towards progression and farming?: I have been very serious about progression in the past, during Cata I was in a hardcore guild spending 3-4 nights a week on Heroic Firelands / Dragonsoul progression.

What do you do when not raiding?: Farm crafting mats, gearing up various 100's.

Will you be able to meet our raid schedule (Tuesday/Wednesday/Sunday 8PM - 11:30PM EST)?: Yes

What’s your past experience like?: Various guilds during Cata focused on hardcore progression,

List your former guilds: The Pugmasters, Rehab

Why do you want to leave your current guild?: Real life friends, not serious enough about raiding / we haven't started raiding after weeks of putting it off.

Contact Information: Battletag: Kenen#1317

Final Thoughts: I look forward to finding a serious guild to raid and finish up this xpac with! I'll try to contact officers in game, thanks!


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Re: Nomerknight - Blood Dk
« Reply #1 on: July 23, 2015, 10:00:58 AM »
Thanks for the interest, unfortunately your gear is farther behind than we need at the moment. Good luck on your search.