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Author Topic: Chrizzlee-Prot/Glad  (Read 761 times)


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« on: December 29, 2014, 03:35:17 PM »
Hi there, if you'd like to join our guild, here's the information we're looking for from you before we make our considerations and decisions: 


Character Name: Chrizzlee- Black Dragonflight
Main Spec: Prot
Armory: www.
Off Spec: Glad

Why do you want to join Rage?:
I want to join rage because I want to excel at downing bosses and getting loot

Do you know any current or former members?
No, I do not know any members past or present

Your stance towards progression and farming?
I am patient and attentive and I am fine with farming anything rather it be rep or material for the guild

What do you do when not raiding?
I am kind of a one kind of commitment guy, I usually just play on Chrizzlee, maybe play around on my Mistweaver monk, but other than that I just level random toons to what I am feeling

Will you be able to meet our raid schedule (Tuesday/Wednesday/Sunday 8PM - 11:30PM EST)?
That is the Ideal schedule for me at the moment.

What’s your past experience like?
That is a pretty open ended question.

I started playing wow since it came out in 2004, I started as a Human Warrior and fell in love, with the class and most of all with the Tank. It is nice being the first one in to charge and take all the damage for my comrades for a role playing and literally perspective. I have played thru most expansions not taking the raid life to serious, but I feel like now is the time where I can finally sit down and have the gull to do it!

Contact Information: Chrizzlebliz#1483
Final Thoughts: Hope you all have a good day!


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Re: Chrizzlee-Prot/Glad
« Reply #1 on: December 30, 2014, 02:42:39 PM »
Hi Christian,

Right now I'm looking for a brewmaster monk, or a prot paladin. We already have a prot warrior & glad warrior in our group.

Do you have any experience with tanking on your monk, or would you be willing to try, depending on your gear and  experience?

You can also contact Ryzon or I in game.

Thanks so much for taking the time to fill out our app, and your interest in our guild.